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Single-Phase Submersible Transformers

Central Moloney, Inc. manufactures a complete line of single-phase submersible transformers, including subway and vault-type, for a multitude of requirements. Our submersible transformers are designed and manufactured in compliance with ANSI Standard C57.12.32-1994 (or latest revision) and/or customer specification.

The submersible product line is designed for frequent or continuous submerged operation. Central Moloney’s submersible transformers are installed completely underground, which allows front lot construction with easy and less expensive accessibility.

Standard Features and Accessories

  • Meets or exceeds latest applicable ANSI and NEMA standards as applicable
  • Shell-form core designs
  • Mild steel construction
  • Welded cover and tank construction is standard
  • All coils are wound with adhesive coated Kraft layer insulation
  • J-bolt frame and blocking add to short circuit withstand
  • In-house short circuit testing capability allows for audit testing as required
  • Non-interlaced low voltages
  • Molded polymer high voltage bushing wells
  • Molded polymer low voltage bushings with threaded studs or spade termination
  • Continuous welding of lifting lugs and ground bosses
  • Low voltage grounding provisions
  • Low voltage bushing ground strap on one bushing units
  • Automatic pressure relief valve to safely relieve internal pressure
  • Mineral oil with inhibitor
  • Tank grounding provision
  • Tank grounding connector when required
  • Laser-engraved stainless steel nameplate
  • KVA marking on tank

Optional Features, Accessories and Design Features

  • Total 409 or 304 series stainless steel designs are available
  • Lightning arrester internally mounted under oil
  • Current limiting fuses
  • Bayonet fuses
  • Loadbreak switches
  • High voltage inserts
  • Banded cover
  • Molded polymer low voltage bushings with cable leads made to customer’s specified length
  • High voltage taps are available
  • Dual high voltage switch with external operating handle
  • Low voltage circuit breaker on self-protected units with internal block mounted high voltage expulsion fuse(s)
  • Interlaced low-voltage windings
  • Emergency overload reset handle (available only on self-protected transformers)
  • Custom stenciling and labeling
  • FR3 Fluids
  • NEMA TP-1 compliant designs
  • DOE Efficiency Ruling compliant designs available

Product Scope

  • 15 kVA through 500 kVA
  • Primary voltages through 19920 kV 150 BIL
  • Secondary voltages through 600 V
  • 55° C rise rating
Acrobat Product Data Sheet PDS-038, Submersible Transformers
Acrobat Submersible Distribution Transformer Instruction Manual 104-03
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