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Mini-Shedmount Wildlife Guard


A hinged guard for use on distribution transformer bushings or other similar sized bushings. Four generous sized meshed cable ports provide plenty of cable orientation options. The larger diameter of this guard makes it ideal for use on distribution polymer arresters. Positive latches provide permanent closure, but can be unlatched for guard removal. The shorter height of this guard, compared to the standard Shedmount guard, shortens the build height on top of the transformer. Due to the reduced height of this guard, it is recommended for use only with insulated lead wire. Ribs on the sides of the guard enhance the ability to install live with insulated lineman gloves. Extensively tested, UV stabilized, high dielectric polypropylene copolymer provides superior durability and weather resistance.

Shedmount Diagram
Mini-Shedmount Ordering Information
Acrobat Open PDF Mini-Shedmount Product Sheet - PDS 1033

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