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A.B. Cap Wildlife Guard

A.B. Cap

A.B. Cap
A cost effective, universal guard for preventing wildife induced outages due to poorly protected polymer arresters mounted to transformer tanks and other apparatus.

The increased use of tank mounted polymer arresters in combination with the introduction of shorter arresters has caused an increase in animal initiated electrical outages. The short distance between the top of the arrester and grounded mounting bracket, particularly on 15 KV class systems, allows birds and other animals to short circuit this span.

Insects beneath the OEM furnished cap on the arrester are an attraction for birds. The small OEM caps often do not prevent contact with the high voltage terminal and the leads connected.

The CM A.B. Cap was developed as an economical, convenient means of solving this problem. The A.B. Cap slides over and locks onto the mounting bracket of Hubbell (Ohio Brass), McLean (Joslyn), and Cooper brand arresters, completely covering and insulating the bolted connection to the grounded mounting bracket.
A.B. Cap Diagram
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